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Letty Susanti, Ketua Dawis

Where are we right now? Just so everyone knows

We’re in Kampung Pesakih, RT04

And how long have you lived in Pesakih Village, Bu Letty?

Since 2012, so it's been almost 10 years.

Where did you live before?

In East Bekasi. Before settling in here, I came here once a week, just on weekends to meet the kids. I used to work in Cikarang but my parents-in-law and children were already here.

What were your daily activities before and after moving?

I used to work in Bekasi, right, but then my husband asked me to move here to become a housewife so I could be with my children too.

While you were here, Bu, apart from being a housewife, what are your activities with the other residents of the RT?

Yeah, at most now they are dawis [dasa wisma], a group of mothers who collect data on kampung residents, the elderly, state of health, number of people, etc. Besides that, I also planted these trees so that our kampung is more comfortable.

According to you, when you moved here, was this environment good or not?

It was comfortable for me because my children were here.

Is there a difference from when you were in Bekasi, Bu?

Wow, it’s so different. I used to live in a residential area, so I rarely went out, y’know, but if you are here you automatically get to know your neighbors, we gather in front of the house like this, just to talk, y’know. The children also play in front of the house too, so we immediately get acquainted with their parents, it feels like everyone is much closer.

As a woman, do you think it's safe to be here for you or your child?

I think it's safe here. There are always people in front of the house like this to watch over the children, so we can take care of each other more easily.

What about if you leave this RT, Bu? For example to the market or the highway?

My children rarely play outside, so it's safe in this village area, thank God. There is a small field for playing kites, there are also pigeons for those who want to play with them.

Are there other residents who take part in RT activities with you or not?

There are some who are active here, because many people also work at home so they can often join. There are 6 people who often participate in activities such as data collection, especially the wife of the RT head.

Bu Letty, why do you still want to be involved in these activities, in addition to taking care of your children too?

Because I get bored at home, I'm used to working, especially since I've been appointed as a representative for this RT. It was difficult at that time, because many people didn't want to be dawis chairman. I already knew myself I could do it, so why not?

That means you’re very busy then, Bu!

Yes, very busy. In a moment, I want to sell some sweetened ice drinks, too, okay?

Okay, thank you very much.

You're welcome.

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