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Mas Dezen - PKL Minuman

Mas Dezen spends 3 days in the city center selling drinks, then goes back home outside Jakarta to rest for 4 days.

Good evening, are you here specifically for motorbikes?

Yes, I came here from Depok, West Java.

Depok is quite far from here, right? Why don’t you trade there?

It's not too far, just about an hour I guess. I don't trade there because there aren't many customers so I have to travel around quite a long distance. It's better here, there are more.

What about the cart, mas? You can’t take it on the train, right?

Yes, you can't, right. There is a storage place near here, so when I go back I leave the cart there, like many of the traders here. It costs IDR 200,000 per month, so it's not cheap, but it's worth it to be safe.

It's already 12 o'clock, mas, how do you go home to Depok if there’s no train?

Oh no, tonight I won't go home, I’ll stay here on the roadside or at bus stop. This event will still run until 4 am, right, so I stay here too. Friday until Monday morning I will be here, then I’ll go home on Monday and return to Monas on Friday again.

Does that mean that the business is only to fulfill requests on motorbikes?

Not really, there are a lot of people around here on Saturdays, right? When it’s hot it's always profitable, plenty of people want cold drinks. Actually there are also many customers in the afternoon, but I always sell a lot of coffee at these events!

So do you have another business in Depok or not?

Nothing, when I go home I just rest, and spend time with family. Alhamdulillah, the income is enough so that I don't have to look for other money.

Where do you buy the ingredients, mas?

There are agents who pass through here every day, so I just buy from him. Because the cart is securely cached, it's okay if I buy in bulk.

Okay, thank you, Dezen.

You’re welcome.

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