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Mas Idrus - Starling

What's been the impact of the pandemic on one of Jakarta's iconic 'travelling starbucks?'

[APRIL 2020]

Evening Mas, can you spare a moment? Why are you still travelling around selling coffee during this corona virus lockdown?

What else can I do? If you don't work, what are you going to eat? It’s hard y’know.

Aren't you afraid of the virus, Mas? Do you use hand sanitizer or not?

I use a mask, I just took it off because I’m serving a customer and heating up my water*. I wear my mask every day but I don't use a hand sanitizer. My buyers already know me, they’re not afraid. [* Heating the water at a parking lot security post]

Then you still have plenty of customers? What about others who sell coffee like you?

They’ve decreased massively. It's really quiet, that's why I just keep going round and round, just waiting in the shelter nearby. I can say that the money is sufficient, enough for me to eat, but usually more when there was no corona. There were other traders who are afraid, terrified even, their parents told them to come home, so they went. Allah knows everything... Hehe .. so I'm not afraid. The important thing is to have a good heart..

Could you give us an example about the income?

Let’s say I would normally make 20 thousand a day, yeah? Because of corona now I only get 5 thousand.

Are there security officers who forbid selling like this?

The officers here don't have a problem with it, but if there are police outside... "Hey, just go home, there’s no need to be out working!"

Do you have hope for the virus, Mas? Why don't you go home?

I just hope it will finish quickly. I don’t know about going home, I’m confused because some say you can, some say you can't. If it's not allowed then I’ll just stay here with the other coffee traders, my family will all go home.

Okay Mas, thanks for the time.

Yes, it's okay.

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