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Mas Sami - Kios Takjil

Mas Sami got bored searching for ojek passengers, so he took a break to sell takjil!

Hello Mas, do you have time to talk?

I’m pretty busy right now, is it okay if I work while we talk? Maybe I will have customers and I don’t want to be rude.

Of course. I can see that you have already sold a lot of stock; is it different running this business during Ramadan?

Actually I only do this during Ramadan. Normally I drive an ojek (motorcycle taxi) not far from here, but every Ramadan I come to Sabang to sell snacks for breaking fast.

So, is this more profitable than taking ojek customers?

Not really, but the profit from this business is certain.During Ramadan it’s harder to find ojek customers. Besides, I get bored driving an ojek every day; it’s nice to do something different, sitting outside. It’s more comfortable, y’know?

How do you deal with all the orders around iftar?

By iftar I am always already sold out, so I don’t have to worry about it! I’m already a customer in a warung close by!

Finally mas, will you be going anywhere this lebaran?

Absolutely. I’m going back to my hometown in West Sumatra and I’m very excited.

Thanks, Mas.

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