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Mas Yono - Kios Dekorasi 17an

How are independence day decoration sellers dealing with the pandemic?

Hello, can we take pictures of these August decorations?

Yes, yes sure, me too ya!

Okay, thank you. How is the flag selling this year?

This year is more difficult, yeah, because of this corona. The buyers are really reduced. Look at this, the last day there are still many left.

Oh yeah, we weren't sure that flag builders were still selling like this. We thought everyone had bought their decorations already.

Yeah normally we'd have sold everything and be ready for tomorrow's festivities. This year, we still want to keep selling though, for sure until tonight.

What if there are still left, Mas?

I'll return it to the friend who sold it to me first. He collected all the leftovers to sell again next year.

How do you sell it again, Mas? This year it's 75th, right? Next year it's 76!

Just change the number, y'know? Usually, if there is a year number, it can be taken off back in Cirebon, then prepared for the next year again.

So Mas Yono will go home to Cirebon to celebrate the 17th?

Oh no, I'll still be in Jakarta. There are a lot of decoration sellers who want to go back there, only in Jakarta for the 17th, but I will still keep working.

Besides this, what do you do, Mas? After the 17th August?

I also sell raincoats, masks, and so on. Seasonal work, change like that. There are fewer decorations but this year more masks are selling. It just started raining again yesterday. Thank God that's enough for me.

Okay Mas Yono, Thank you. Stay healthy!

Yes amen. Be careful, ok.

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