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Mba Widya

The majority of ojol drivers are male, but chances are you've seen ojol women too. Mba Widaya joins the ojol community in the Manggarai area to help her in times of trouble.

Before becoming an ojol, what did you do, mba? Previously, I didn't work, my husband worked. But after my husband died I had to find something. Why did you choose to work to be an ojol, mba? Because I can still make time for my children. I have to balance time with them and earning enough money since my husband died.

How often do you gather around Manggarai? And why did you choose Manggarai? Yes, I often hang out here, because it's crowded so there are lots of orders, especially during the day. In the morning I wait around Cikini, but then I come to Manggarai at around 2pm and keep taking orders until 4-6 in the evening. Hopefully I will get the full daily points, but if not then I'll keep trying until 8 am. If by that time I still didn't get the bonus then I'll head home anyway.

Your favorite place to hang out: if you are at Manggarai Station, where will you wait? I like to hang out here *. I joined one of the ojol communities here. * (a roadside place that is usually used by ojol members who are members of a particular community / place to hang out for certain ojol communities, the position in question is on the side of the road) What are the positives and negatives of this work? Negatives ... if on the road the motorcycle tire bursts then I'm totally on my own. But I am grateful because people almost always come to help me. Positives ... I have a lot of friends here, lots of new acquaintances. How about the passenger's behavior? They are generally good, the men are also polite In the beginning, how did you decide to become an ojol? Is there any doubt? Initially I wanted to be an SPG (sales promotion girl), but it would be difficult for my children. They're still small, just 5 years old, so I can't spend too much time away from them. Of course, working as an ojol the money is also not bad. How much income can you get per day? When it's busy I can get 250 thousand, and after deducting the food and gas I might take 150 thousand home. That's if nothing happens on the road though, like a flat tyre or something. What if there was another job offer, would you take it? If there was another job offer that was better, I would definitely take it. But for now this seems to be worth sticking with. Are there any suggestions for the construction of the new Manggarai Station? Hopefully it will make it a little better. The roads in Manggarai are narrow and many cars park there, so people often get annoyed and blast their horns. Basically, expand the roads a little. Ok, thanks for your time

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