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Pak Dargo - Sopir Ojol

Pak Dargo thinks he already understands how the ojol application selects which driver gets a lot of orders.

Hello Pak, can we ask about the situation of this pandemic ojol driver? That's fine. It's really hard right now for us. In what ways is it hard, Pak? In March, Goride was no longer allowed, right, so all our orders immediately disappeared. Many ojol went home instead of waiting in Jakarta but not getting any orders at all. Now it's okay, but still hard to get them. Why is it still difficult to get an order, pak? I don't know, but I think the lockdown period affects the app. There is a priority system for orders, right, in the application, so those 3 months when we only got gofood or gosend? Yup, it makes it difficult now for us to get a goride order. I only got 5 today, thank God, but my friend has two accounts, one for Gofood and one for Goride. He's got 15. Oh I see, sir. So why don't you use two accounts like that? It's expensive to buy. Now many drivers want to buy a second account, it's selling well, it's getting more expensive. If my friends aren't selling, so there's no way I can buy it. Because the income is still decreasing, right? I myself am worse off now than the beginning of the pandemic. Many drivers have started gathering again, it's getting harder to get orders, even gofood or gosend is hard. That's why I returned to Manggarai, to try and get goride again. So, if the new normal situation doesn't finish quickly, what will you do, pak? I don't know. For a long time, the income isn't enough, but I don't know if there are other options. I have been an online driver for 5 years like this, y'know, but if it doesn't return to normal, maybe I have to find another job. Okay Pak, hopefully the order will return to normal soon. Amen.

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