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Pak Kris - Kios Jahit Jok

Pak Kris is the third generation of upholstery experts who operates on Jalan Kebon Siri Dalam Raya

Pak, what is your job on Kebun Sirih Timur Dalam Street ?

I sell car seats and also sew or fix broken ones. I also sell car interiors as per customer orders.

Why are you selling on this street ?

Because from my grandparents time this street has been very famous for selling vehicle seating and interiors.

How long have you been selling seat car in that place ?

Around 20 years, I am the third generation working here.

Do you want to your son to continue this business ?

I don’t think so. I want my son and his children to get a better job, and income, than this one.

Who are your customers here?

So many, I get individual clients and also regular business from companies.

Where do you buy your business materials?

I usually buy it around Tanah Abang Market.

Do you pay rent to operate here?

Ya, of course I pay rent.

After a long 20 years selling here, what changes have you noticed?

I feel some changes in my life because of the tight competition from other places on this street, and the stock purchasing price is increasing and increasing from year to year

Thanks, Pak.

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