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Pak Mohamad - Sopir Ojol

Many people rely on drinking coffee to keep morale up, but an ojol driver like Pak Mohamad can't possibly buy it at Starbucks!

Hello sir, how often do you hang out in Manggarai? Every day I hang out here, the station closest to my house. If there is an order I wait at another station until I can come back again.

And how much profit will you take before you decide to go home? My limit is really cheap, maybe only 30,000-35,000 a day. Yes, that's not much. If you wait for your order, you hang out at the warung, right? Yes, for sure. My income is too small for anywhere else, and I have many friends around here too. If all the stalls disappeared, maybe in the process of construction, would you still come to Manggarai? I don’t know. This spot is perfect for me, but maybe if I can't buy coffee I have to go to a station that has more options. Definitely I can't buy Starbucks coffee! (His friends agree.) What about other services in the Manggarai area, for example a mechanic or a helmet washing service? Ever need these services? Not really, I can service my own motorbike, and I buy gasoline directly from Pertamina. Finally pak, do you have a recommendation for the Manggarai development plan? Yes, they have to make online shelters with our facilities, with warkop to hang out in. This is smoother for passengers too, right? Meeting your driver at the shelter? Yes sir, thank you for the time It is okay.

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