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Pak Muliyono - PKL Minuman

Even though Pak Muliyono lives outside of Jakarta, there is a safe storage system for his carts in the city center.

Hello pak, do you live close to here?

No, actually I live in Bogor in a rented house. I’m originally from setiabudi but I moved there several years ago.

Really? Bogor is very far from here, isn’t it?

Yes it is. I take the train every morning to Tebet, then ride my motorcycle to come here. It takes a long time but the price of property in Bogor is much lower. The Karet/Setiabudi area is becoming more and more expensive, and I can’t afford a luxury-style kos.

You can’t take the trading cart on the train, right? Where do you keep it?Y

I keep it locked up at the back of this parking area. I have an agreement with the security guards and they make sure it is safe. They want to always have hot drinks and cigarettes here! Normally I go home around 1am, so there aren’t many people around anyway.

That is a very long working day, pak. When do you have time to buy stock?

I buy my stock every day on my journey to here. I stop at Pasar Rumput and buy whatever I need. Even though the market was closed there are many small traders nearby and they offer good prices.

Why do you choose this location, pak?

This is a busy road with many customers. Many people who work in the office towers park there bikes here, and many online transportation drivers wait here too. When it rains many people come here to shelter, and they will always want a hot drink, and on hot days people need something cold before they travel. I can make IDR300.000 on a good day.

Thanks, Pak

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