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Pak Rian - Sopir Ojol

Pak Rian is one of the ojol drivers who is always on the move, but he still enjoys having the shelter near the station!

Good afternoon, Pak. May we ask about this new shelter?

Oh, I'm rarely here, maybe better to ask the others.

Actually, the people who only come here occasionally are important too, as long as it's not too much trouble?

Okay, what do you want to ask?

If you rarely gather here, where do you usually wait, pak?

Actually I don't have a fixed place, I'm always moving around. It's better like that for me because I can keep looking for money. I also don't like chatting too much, so I just keep to myself.

If so, why are you here today, Pak?

Well, even though I'm always on the move, everyone needs to rest. I know there is this shelter here, and it's safer to park motorbikes here than on the side of the street, not bothering others on the road too.

And it's better to be sheltered too, huh?

Right. There are seats, there are beverage vendors, there are even water dispensers, right? It's better here.

So, Pak, do you have suggestions for making this shelter better?

I salute the people who made this shelter, all of us in Indonesia should try to be more orderly like this, in my opinion. People here can order directly, or through ap like normal, but we are also safe to wait and eat. But it would have been better if there was a place for charging cellphones.

Thank you, Pak Rian. Can we take pictures for the RRJ social media?

Yes you can, no problem.

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