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Pak Syafudin - PKL Alat Konstruksi

Pak Syafudin's business is always on the move so he can serve temporary construction projects in Central Jakarta.

Sir, what is your job on Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam Street ?

I sell hats, bags, tape measures and other things.

Why are you selling on this street ?

Because there are many building projects around here; the workers are my customers.

This is a vending cart, right? Do you sell anywhere else?

I sell on Jaksa street too.

How long have you been doing this?

Around 5 years.

Why did you choose to become trader ?

Because I like a flexible job. I have worked as labourer but the time is not flexible. Work like this is more free, and no one controls me.

Where do you buy the stock materials?

I have a coordinator who provides them for us

Where do you live ?

I live in Manggarai in a rented room.

Why don’t you sell near your living place, Manggarai ? Is nearer, isn’t it ?

There just aren’t enough construction projects around there, so I come to this part of the city every day to find custom.

Where would you usually take lunch?

It’s easy for me because there are so many warung around here. I just choose whichever one I like.

Thanks pak.

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