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Pak Udin (2) - PKL Air Jerigen

We've already talked to Pak Udin for the RRJ series 'Dunia Malam' when he was taking care of his Warung Pecel Lele. It turns out that during the day he is not just resting or preparing for selling later tonight, but he runs another very important business for other informal traders in the Pasar Baru area!

Good afternoon Pak Udin, nice to meet you again. Turns out you’ve got another business beside your warung yeah?

Oh yes, the warung is only at night. During the day it’s not possible because I put up my tent near the entrance of the shop which is still open. Moreover, it's really hot under the tent like that. That's why during the day I deliver these jerry cans.

That makes sense, especially if it's a hot day. So what time do you usually start traveling around with jerry cans?

Afternoon, around 11-12. That's the time the warung need to fill up their water again.

So you mostly serve the warung, right?

Yes, warung, street vendors (PKL), there are also houses in the kampung who have no running water. Street vendors definitely need it because they have to wash dishes or glasses but it's hard to bring a lot of water around with them everywhere. Anyone who needs water I bring it to them.

Wow, so you travel quite far, then?

Not so far really, just this local area. Back and forth a few times to fill up my water again.

How many times a day do you refill the water?

Twice, maybe three times, depending on how many people want to buy it.

How much for a jerry can, Pak?

One can is 5.000 rupiah

Okay nice. So what time will you start setting up the stall?

I’ll go home first, take a shower, change clothes. Then head back out again in the afternoon and set up the stall at around 4-5.

Aren't you tired, Pak, working all day like that?

Alhamdulillah I'm still healthy, and not tired either. My warung is always busy until late at night, but during the day I get bored at home. I'd rather just work, walk, and meet friends around at the other warung.

Nice. Thanks Pak Udin. See you later tonight.

Siap! Yes, come stop by my warung later.

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