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Pak Udin - Tenda Pecel Lele

Pak Udin has moved to a new trading place so he doesn't interfere with other businesses around him, but it's still always crowded because the sauce is so delicious!

Good evening, Pak. After we eat, can we ask a little about this business?

Yes, sure, but eat first!

How long have you been here, sir?

In this place? It's been 8 years or so.

Where were you before?

I was in Pasar Baru too, but inside. A few years ago there were a lot of office workers around here, so I was open in the afternoon. Now they’re not there, many of the offices are already closed, so I moved here.

Why did you choose this place, pak?

There are lots of small hotels around here, right? That means that at night there are many people on the street. Not just guests, but also grabcar or gocar drivers too. Quite a lot of them want to eat. This is also a safe place at night, even though I've had to shift a little, right?

Indeed, why?

The man who owns the business over there asked me to. At 5 I need to start getting ready but he is still open. No big deal, just a few meters. This stall can all be folded into one cart.

Yes So why is it only open at night, pak?

It's hot during the day! I don't have a roof, right, so people will get hot waiting for me to cook. Better to eat warteg or nasi padang at midday.

Normally you stay open until what time?

I start at 5 pm, trade until 12 or 1, or until the stock runs out.

Well, yesterday we were here and the catfish was gone!

Yes, catfish is the most popular, it runs out quickly. Usually people ask about it before sitting down!

Last one, pak, how about the sauce? Everyone around here knows that Udin's spicy sauce is amazing.

Yes it is my special recipe, I’ve been making this sambal for more than ten years. Alhamdulillah, the profits from this stall are still sufficient.

Thank you pak, see you later!

Yes, see you later.

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