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Bang Denny - Asongan Madu

Hello Bang, where does this honey come from?

My honey is original from Cirebon. The black one is more bitter but both of them are really delicious.

Oh yes they certainly look delicious. So where do you buy it?

Oh this isn’t bought, I collect it all myself.

Oh I see, so you live in Cirebon, Bang Denny?

That’s right, I came here for Imlek.

And that means later you’ll go back there?

Yup. I only come to Jakarta for the big days like this. Christmas at the Cathederal, Idul Adha or Idul Fitri at Istiqlal Mosque, Independence day at Monas.

So it’s worth going back and forth like that, yeah?

Oh yeah, there’s a special bus for traders to Jakarta, and I always sell quite enough on the national holidays.

So where do you collect the honey, from the forest?

Yeah, from the forest I get a lot, but also from people’s houses. In that case, I pay them 100 thousand per nest.

Do you need to use smoke and that kind of thing?

Oh no, normally I just collect it with my hands. As long as the nest isn’t destroyed the bees will stay calm. These ones are still young, you see, so they don’t even have stings yet.

Ah, so it’s safer to carry them inside the bus.

Yeah, but I still have to keep the container closed!

Okay Bang, so before we buy some we’d like to take your picture. Is that okay?

Oh yeah sure, no problem.

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