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Bang Roy - Penjahit Keliling

What has been the impact of the pandemic on a travelling taylor?

Hello Bang, which area do you usually operate around?

Yeah, the Cipulir area, Jalan Bahagia, pesanggrahan, I transit continually, then go home past Cipadu.

How about these days, since the pandemic?

Alhamdulillah, for now it’s going okay. Only since last week has the income started to run low. I just got 20 thousand from my customers since noon. It was a little uncomfortable yesterday when a customer asked, "Bang, you have a cold?" and then started backing away.

Do you know the news about this disease yet?

Yes, we know about it, but we don’t really have much information. I thought about it, but if I don’t go out and make money, my wife and children won't be able to eat later. Besides, I also get colds regularly, so I continue to drink Mixagrip and hopefully get better right away.

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