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Ko A Kwan - Caretaker of Offerings During Imlek

Ko A Kwan doesn't mind volunteering at the Klenteng for Imlek (Chinese New Year)

Hello Ko, could we speak for a moment? Sure, no problem, my pleasure.

So we want to ask about all of these objects. Are they for sale or is it something else? Oh no, people can just take them. But most people will leave a little donation too for the management of this klenteng.

Oh okay, so do you work here?

No, I have my own shop nearby, but for Imlek we all come here to help out. I’m just taking care of the things here to make sure they’re in order.

So you mean that you’re a volunteer?

Yes, that’s right. You know it’s always very crowded on this day. If everything is going to run smoothly we all have to help.

Yeah that’s true, there are plenty of people. So these items are also donated?

No, they’re all bought from around here. We support the klenteng with our donations, and then it supports all the businesses around here too.

Oh, so that’s how it works. So how long will you stay here today?

I’m not sure yet. Lots of my friends will stop by petak sembilan, so I’m happy just to meet them here.

Okay Ko, thanks a lot. May we take your portrait?

Me? Sure, yeah go ahead.

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