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Mas Mistofer - PKL Tahu Gejerot

Even though his kampung had just been flooded, Mas Mistofer had to keep selling so that his stock didn't go stale

Hello mas, did you just come up from down there?

Yup, I just came up here. The flooding is terrible.

You brought your cart? How could you get through?

Yeah, I just had to push it through. The water came up to my thigh.

So there’s nothing in your cart that got wet?

Nope, I already got everything ready and put it on top like this.

So how come you decided to keep selling when there’s flooding?

Yeah, what else can I do? I’d already ordered the tofu before I knew it was going to flood.

You mean you have to sell it all today?

Yup, I have to. If I wait until tomorrow the tofu will get cold and it won’t be good to eat anymore.

And immediately after you came out here you got a lot of orders, yeah mas?

Yup, there’s been lots of people waiting out here since really early this morning, they’ve got to be hungry, especially the kids.

Yeah good point. We already walked back and forth a while without meeting any traders who are still selling.

I guess they weren’t ready really early this morning, y’know the water started rising really fast. Maybe they hadn’t bought their stock either. Maybe if I hadn’t bought as much as this I wouldn’t be selling either.

Oh yeah they’re probably helping people who are still stuck down there.

Yup, you can see them all gathered over there.

Okay mas, take care, good luck!

Yup, you too.

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