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Mas Panji - Warung Tambal Ban

The many ojol around Manggarai Station means lots of customers for Mas Panji and his friends' business!

How long have you been working as a tyre specialist, mas?

I’ve always done this, maybe already 15 years. The owner is my father, who was a construction worker before this.

Are you originally from Jakarta?

I was born here, but my parents are from East and West Java, respectively.

The service this enterprise offers is just tyre changing, right?

That’s the main one, but actually we service lights and change oil too. Anything manual we can do it here.

Are there many customers?

Yes, enough for sure. Each day we might get 20-30. Each customer normally pays between IDR40.000-50.000.

What portion of the customers are online drivers?

A lot, maybe 60% of the total. There are many grab and gojek drivers around the station or driving past.

Yes this is a very strategic location.

You’re right. It’s a great place.

Did you ever recieve any information about the plans for development around Manggarai?

No. Of course we have seen the new buildings around the station but we don’t know what will happen in the future.

Okay mas, thanks for your time.

Yeah, same to you. I just followed RRJ on instagram!

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