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Pak Aam Sori & Pak Syaril - Kios Ketan Item

Good morning Pak, what's for sale today?

We’ve got ketan itam and uli, especially for the big day!

Oh interesting. Did you make it yourself?

I can make it, but my wife made this batch, it tastes better if she makes it.

Will it be okay until later in the afternoon if you want to save it for breaking the fast?

Oh it will be fine! This sticky rice is fermented, right? So it can last for a week even if you don't put it in the refrigerator. Uli can only last up to 3 days, but later in the afternoon will be the perfect time - it will be delicious!

So does it sell well, Pak?

Wah, for sure it will sell well if there’s a holiday or special occasion, the taste is very distinctive and suitable for celebrations. It's quite rare to find this in Jakarta, so it will all be sold by later this afternoon.

That’s great. So if it's not a holiday like this, what do you sell?

Other snacks. Most often nestar and similar things, but the most profitable is this holiday special!

Right! Thank you Pak, let’s buy one I think!

Thank you too, happy Eid.

Happy Eid, Pak Aam!

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