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Pak Adi - Warung Montir

Many businesses in the Manggarai area benefit from the existence of many online motorcycle taxis, but Pak Adi thinks there might actually be a negative impact on his business.

Hello Pak, how long have you had your mechanic shop here? It's been a while, more than 8 years. I come here every day, early in the morning until night. Do you live around here too? No, I live in Pluit. That’s quite far pak? From Pluit to here every day? Yes, far away. But I lived near here before, when this shop opened. I was born in Ancol, then lived in Manggarai and until now, Pluit. If I may ask, Pak, what is the average daily profit? Usually around IDR400,000, approximately. And this is enough? Actually not really ... There's the rent cost, paying for materials too, and I have to pay the employees. In the past, 3-5 years ago, I got IDR 2,000,000 per day, but it has gone down. Do you know why the income has decreased? Yes, I think the reason is that there are more online motorbikes that hang out in the Manggarai station area. They don’t have to stay in one place, different from ojek pangkalan, meaning they can pass by, looking for mechanics elsewhere. This behavior undermines the price of our services. So, how do you take care of the business to make sure the profits are the best they can be? The materials are purchased online, from Ali express, because it’s cheaper than the things I can buy from local people. Moreover, the shop is open until evening so we can get as many customers as possible. Seems like ojol aren't beneficial for this business, right? Are you interested in being involved in an online shelter if there is one around Manggarai? Do you mean a more organized shelter? Yes, I am very interested if there is. Until now I do not benefit from ojol, but surely if there is an official shelter we would want to serve those who are there. Finally, sir, what if after the renovation of the Manggarai Station is complete, can't there be a shop like this here? Well, I will have to search for another store near the station. Thank you very much sir. Yes, you are welcome

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