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Pak Alamsyah - Tenda Dekorasi Imlek

Excuse me, Pak, I want to ask about your decorations, is that okay?

Sure, what do you want to ask?

I heard from the merchant next door, that you set up this tent especially for Chinese New Year, Pak?

Yup, I’ll take it down by Imlek, the night of the 11th.

So where do you get all the decorations from?

From Tanjung Priok, from shipping containers, I go with all the other vendors to buy them,

Oh, so all the traders here buy it from the same place?

Yeah, these are all imports from China. None of this stuff is made in Jakarta.

What sells best, Pak?

The best seller is Angpao. Then the two small hangers, then wall displays, flower pots, then lanterns. They’re 400 thousand, so only richer people will buy them.

How about this year's Chinese New Year sales?

Oh they’ve gone down massively, maybe around 75% have disappeared Many people might be buying online who usually come to enjoy the atmosphere down here. Usually after a month of selling like this I can buy food for a whole year. It’s only a week until the day itself, and it’s starting to get a little more crowded, but still far less than normal.

What about the other 11 months, Pak? Will you just relax?

Oh no, I work as an online motorcycle taxi for extra money.

So if you don't sell out, what are you doing with the leftovers?

I take it home and keep it for sale in 12 years’ time.

Are you serious, Pak? That’s a long term investment for sure!

Yes! I have sold this here for 2 full cycles, so it's been more than 24 years. The pictures hasn't changed, right? They’re always the same, so I can sell it again.

It's true, but not everyone thinks like that.

Hehe yeah, some of the others have just started selling these kind of things. I've been in Jakarta since 1990, originally I’m from Pelembang, but now I have a Jakarta ID card. Doing this has been enough for me for all that time.

Thanks Pak, I hope the sales will be more and more in demand. Can I take a photo?

Oh yes sure, just come in here.

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