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Pak Dayat - Sopir Ojol

Pak Dayat was one of the first online motorcycle taxi drivers to start gathering at Sudirman station

Siang Pak Dayat, do you often hang out here?

Oh yeah, I'm here every day.

How long have you been doing that, pak?

Approximately 4 years. I work both as gojek and grab driver, and there are always passengers at this station.

So, before this shelter is installed, where were you waiting for passengers?

If I have a passengers i’d wait under the tunnel, there used to be a road there, right? But me and my friends had a base camp here as well for when resting.

Do you mean before there was a shelter here there was an ojek gathering point?

Yes, there was an online ojek group, called "Grab Sudirman Station." We are the originals here, me and my friends.

So you asked for the shelter?

No, this was built by the company on their own.

Okay, pak. So is it better at this shelter or the old basecamp?

It's better this way; we all don't make traffic, there’s a shaded place to take a rest, and generally it’s more tidy. Those of us who have been coming here for a long time are all acquaintances too.

According to you, pak Dayat, how could this shelter be better?

Well, we're talking about installing lights, because at night, under the covering, it's a bit dark here. Also it would be better if there was a caspoin [a place to charge cellphones], because now if we need to charge our phones or power bank we have to ask the traders there. Apart from that, let's see what the shelter will be like if it rains a lot!

Oh yeah, I guess it's not enough.

Right. Even the ground will probably become mud.

Thank you, sir. Can we take a picture?

Yes, no problem.

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