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Pak'e - PKL Sayur Keliling

Even though during a pandemic it is difficult for many people, there are also things that can be taken advantage of for some.

[MARCH 2020]

Pak, how is the atmosphere selling vegetables, going around again, during this time of pandemic?

Alhamdulillah, I’ve actually added more stock, because now many are afraid to go to the market and all cook at home, so they buy their vegetables from me.

Are you afraid or not, Pak, when you hear the news, if you still have to keep travelling around?

Well, we just surrender to God, the same as when we have to search for money. But many people are ordering the ingredients to make herbal health tonic, so I want to make some later on, then I will head back out.

Will you go home for the Eid holiday, Pak?

Geez ... They’re saying we aren’t allowed to go home, yeah? I really want to go back to Klaten, but I just think I’ll follow the government’s advice. The important thing is to stay healthy!

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