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Pak Eman - Kios Tanaman Jahe Lilin

The plants that Pak Eman sells are very unique and very in demand too!

What kind of plant is this, Pak? It’s very unique.

It’s called a ‘Jahe Lilin’ [Candle Ginger]. The red portion is actually the leaves, and the flowers are the yellow parts. It provides a lot of benefits, you can read about them online.

So where do you get the plants?

From Bogor, there’s a lot of horticulture there. There’s a lot of orders too. These (while pointing at the sacks of Jahe Lilin) have already been ordered by people. You can order up to 50 stems, but they aren’t always available. They can be really hard to find sometimes.

Why do people want to order so many?

Sometimes people want them for ornamental plants, but if they order a lot then probably they’ll resell them. Typically it’s Chinese Indonesians who want to buy them.

So how much are they, Pak?

35 thousand per stem.

And do you always sell around here then, Pak?

Nope, I’m her because of Imlek. Normally I sell at the end of the road infront of us, as long as I can find the plants to sell. Sometimes I go to Tanah Abang or Duri also.

Okay Pak, thanks a lot. Can we just take a quick photo?

Yeah sure.

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