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Pak Fauzi - PKL Chi Chong Fan

There are so many interesting snacks that we can find during Chinese New Year. Last year, we went to Petak Sembilan to see the festive Chinese New Year there and we met Bang Fauzi, a merchant of Chi Chong Fan! Then this year, we met up with him again to have a chat and see how things are going!

Hello Fauzi, nice to meet you again! Hello, wow, it's been a long time since I've seen you. Yup, honestly we were afraid that you might have gone home at this time. Not quite yet. Usually by 2PM I'm already done selling, so hopefully I'll be on my way home soon.

So, are you waiting for all your wares to sell out? Yes, hopefully it's all gonna sell. If not, then I'll have to take some of it back to my boss.

How is Chinese New Year trading this year? It's quiet this year, not as busy as usual. Usually during Chinese New Year it's pretty crowded, right? Yes, usually Chinese New Year is crowded, but this year it's quiet, there's been a 70% reduction in my income compared to last year. It's because of the pandemic as well, right? Yes, because of that, but this road is also closed because there are repairs that have been ongoing for 3 months, so it's hard for people to buy directly, which makes the whole place quieter too.

Oh that's right, Bang, it's no wonder it was difficult to bring a motorbike here. So you've kept the same prices as last year? Now the prices are going up, right, so the selling price has to go up too. Previously, this fried food was just 2000 for thee pieces, now only 1 is worth 4000. Wow, that's pretty good, Bang. Is this chi chong fan on gofood? I am on Gofood but I rarely activate it, especially when it's Chinese New Year. I don't activate it because there are more people who come to buy it directly, and I don't have time to check my cellphone all the time.

Oh yeah that makes sense. Alright well thanks for talking to us, hopefully everything sells out soon.

Yup, same to you. Stay safe.

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