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Pak Iding - PKL Bubur Ayam

Pak Iding already knows that the location in CFD is very strategic, so the price of the porridge can go up a little too!

Where do you live, pak?

I live in the Tanah Abang area, in a shared Kost it’s a strategic location for my business. My family is still in Cirebon, so I go home to visit them for one week every two months.

So are you always in this position?

No. Normally on Monday-Friday I sell my bubur at the Mandiri tower in Tanah Abang. Every week I come to CFD on Sunday, and I always set up in the same position.

Why start this business? Is there any change in the form of business since its inception started up to now?

I started selling bubur more than forty years ago; everything has changed! But people still want to eat delicious bubur, and that’s the reason my business is still profitable. Since the start my cart has been replaced four times, and we have to pay a cleaning charge of IDR30,000 to sell at bundaran HI.

How does this business make profit ?

CFD is really important to my business; it’s the most profitable day. On a Sunday there are many customers here, but its a little far from my house, and sometimes very hot, so the bubur price is IDR10.000. Normally I wakse up at 2AM, and start selling at the Mandiri Tower for breakfast around 4AM. The price there is just IDR8.000

What about the future? Do you have any plans for your business?

Hopefully I can keep working this business and support my family. If the regulations prevent carts from selling on CFD this would really make my life harder.

Thanks, Pak.

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