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Pak Lupi - PKL Rujak

To keep his business profitable, Pak Lupi has walked quite a long way to buy his stock since a Jakarta market closed.

Sir, what is your job on Agus Salim Street?

I prepare fresh rujak, but I also often sell just fresh fruits.

How long have you been selling here?

I’ve been selling Rujak for a long time, at least since 1996, but I move my cart all around this area to find my customers. It’s close to my house.

Who are your normal customers, pak?

There is not one kind of customer for rujak! This is a very busy area, and I have customers from the office buildings nearby, construction workers and online transport drivers.

So, it seems you are very busy in this area?

Yes, really. Fresh fruit is always in demand in central Jakarta, and on a hot day maybe I will sell everything by lunchtime. I have to purchase new stock every 3 days.

Where do you buy your stock?

If I have time I will go to pasar kramat jati, but sometimes I have to use other options.

Pasar kramat Jati is very far from here, pak; why do you go there?

Yes it’s very far away, but the prices are low and getting a discount for buying a lot of stock is important for my business. I spend around one million rupiah on ingredients every three days, and the discount means I can make 10-20% profit. I used to buy from Pasar Rumput, but since it is closed I have had to find an alternative.

Thanks, pak.

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