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Pak Nursin - Kios Penjahit Jok

Pak Nursin is always ready to buy the things he needs when customers arrives

Sir, what is your job on Kebun Sirih Timur Dalam Street ?

I sell new car seats and also repair the fabric of broken seats.

How long have you been selling car seats here?

Around 35 years

Who are your customers?

There are many. Individual persons come to my place with their car. and then some companies too. For example, showrooms often come and find a seat for the car that they will sell.

Where do you buy your material for selling?

I usually buy it at either Senen or Tanah Abang markets.

Do you keep some inventory for your selling stock?

No, I use the ‘Just in Time’ method. When I have an order I will buy that inventory because each order is unique. It can differ in color and size.

Thanks, pak.

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