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Pak Ono - Tenda Warteg

Every three months Pak Ono is replaced by his other family members, so that the warteg business can benefit more people in his village

Where do you live, pak?

I sleep here (pointing to the activity space in the middle of the stall). At night, the tarpaulin is closed and I sleep amongst merchandise. When my wife and child are here they stay in a rented house not far away.

So this business is operated by the three of you?

Yes. but every 2 months I go back to the village in Kuningan, West Java, for 2 months also. My brother or relatives will come and take over the operation. That’s the system.

Why start this business? Is there any change in the form of business since its inception started up to now?

Initially it was a small businesses selling cigarettes and drinking water on the roadside, after a long time we expanded into other areas and the products multiplied. Like now, we sell rice and side dishes as well. I buy my ingredients in the vegetable market not far from here, near the railroad tracks.

How does this business make profit ?

The most expensive and profitable is the business of buying and selling cigarettes, then food business. The tax is high but selling individual cigarettes outside of the box makes good profit.

What about the future? There is a plan to make a more permanent warung?

Yes, I would still like to do that y’know, but I don’t think so yet. There still enough capital for the investment.

Thanks, Pak.

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