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Pak Rastam - Kios Dekorasi

Pak Rastam is sure that sales of red and white goods will be profitable, because there's no way people will use flags that aren't new and brightly coloured.

How long have you been working like this, pak?

Already a long time. I sell flags and other independence day items every year. Normally I start selling things around two weeks before independence day itself.

So, after the August 17th what do you do?

Usually I’m a toy trader, travelling around the markets in this area.

What about your profits pak? Is this time of year a more successful one for you?

Yes, alhamdulillah. There are many customers, mostly pedestrians coming from the nearby station, but there are many who come from the offices in this area, too. Everyone needs flags for independence day.

It’s already only two days before August 17th, pak, and you still have a lot of stock.

Yes, still a lot, but that’s no problem. I’ll store them at a later time and sell again next year.

Some of the flags are very large, can those be rented or everything is only for sale?

Everything is for sale only.

So, that means that everyone who buys them will throw them away later?

Sometimes that happens. There are some who discard them and others who keep them, but a year is a long time; maybe there will be flags which become damaged or the colours don’t look new anymore. That means there are customers for this kind of business every year.

Thanks Pak.

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