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Pak Yadi - PKL Bakso

On holidays, there aren't many commuters passing Tanah Abang station. Fortunately for Pak Yadi, there is a motorbike community that definitely wants to buy bakso

Good evening sir, how long have you been trading here?

I’ve only been here one year, before I worked in a port in Surabaya but my wife and child wanted to come here. Now I live in the Tanah Abang area.

So you trade here every day?

No, usually I’m in Tanah Abang, near the KRL station. The problem is that there aren't many people passing by Saturday-Sunday, so I just come over here because it's always crowded late at night.

When do you go home, pak?

I usually go home at 12 o'clock, or before that if the ingredients run out.

If you live in the Tanah Abang area, why don't you trade in CFD?

There are a lot of traders there, y’know some of my friends, too, but I can't set up in someone else's place. There aren’t so many here, even though trading is permitted on Saturdays.

Later will you push the cart back to Tanah Abang, pak?

Oh no, it’ll be left here, under the railroad tracks, but I will definitely go home. There are traders who live here too, those who are from further away. Cirebon, for example. I go home at 12 o'clock, so its dangerous to cross the road with a cart if the motorbikes pass quickly.

Yeah pak, noisy here too, huh?

Yes it's noisy, and sometimes there are accidents too; they are really fast going through here. But, as far as I know there isn’t a motorcycle gang problem here, it's just the fun today’s kids like to have.

Thank you pak, get home safe.

Yup, you too.

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